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GHMC Property Tax – Total Calculation Formula Examples

GHMC Property Tax: Property Taxes can be paid online with the online portal of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation(GHMC) by the citizens of Hyderabad. here we are going to explain about GHMC Property Tax With Total Calculation with examples I hope this article very helpful for who are searching for the GHMC Property Tax Calculation

GHMC Property Tax Calculation Formula With Examples

GHMC Property Tax: First we have to go to the portal of GHMC and select property tax and after going to the page from the drop-down box we have to select the circle number and PTI Number should be entered. If PTI Number is not known alternately we can find it by entering old PTI Number, door number or Owner’s Name. It has to be noted that the old PTI Number is 14 digit long and the new ones are only 10 digit long. if you have any doubt regarding about GHMC Property Tax Calculation contact us  “GHMC Property Tax Calculation Very simple for collecting it.

Paying your GHMC Property Tax Online:

The online portal is very easy and simple to make payment:
Step 1: First GHMC circle should be selected.
Step2: Next in the Second Box PTI Number should be selected and submit button should be clicked.
Step3: Now the Next Page opens where we can view the details of adjustments, taxable amount, arrears, interest on arrears etc are mentioned. Take a look at them to review every information is correct.
Step4: On the bottom of the page drop down box will be there where we can choose the payment method. We can choose either a debit card, credit card or Net Banking to pay the property tax.

GHMC Property Tax Calculator:

At the other end of the link, there is a GHMC Tax Calculator. After considering the Total Plinth Area and Rent in Rs./sft/month GHMC will help you to calculate your Annual Tax.

Step1: Plinth Area(PA) should be measured.GHMC Commercial Property Tax Calculation:

Step2: In the notifications distributed by the GHMC the MRV for commercial property is mentioned for the fixed monthly rent per square foot in different taxation zones in different circles. The MRV can be found at GHMC Website Proposed Division of Zones.
Step3: Commercial Property Tax can be calculated using the formula:
Annual Property Tax for Commercial Property = 3.5 x PA in sq.ft. x MRV in Rs./sq.ft.
o been noted that:

  • All the ATM’s and cellular towers/hoardings are taxed as commercial property at the maximum with a monthly rent of 70 and 50 per square foot respectively.
  • Educational Institutions and hospitals are charged at the minimum with a monthly rent of Rs.8 and Rs.9.50 per square foot respectively.

By filling out an online form we can also register for self-assessment of property tax in Hyderabad which requires the following details:
1.Owner Details:

  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • Phone number and e-mail ID.

2.Property Details:

  • Locality name.
  • Street/Road name.
  • Permission number and permission date for the building in question.
  • PIN code and building type (apartment/independent).
  • Door number.
  • Plinth area and floor usage type

Property Taxes can also be paid at Citizen Service Centres, e-Seva counters, State Bank of Hyderabad branches, DD’s/Cheques made in favour of the “Commissioner, GHMC” and to Bill Collectors.

Rebates and Penalties from GHMC:

·        A lucky draw for taxpayers who pay their taxes on time is conducted by GHMC. One lucky winner who pays his tax on time and enters the contest will be paid a lucky draw amount of Rs.20,00,000.
·        Promotion of construction of “green buildings is undertaken by GHMC. Tax incentives will be received by the owners of buildings that have rainwater harvesting facilities and generate power using rooftop solar installations for heating and power back up.
·        Penalty amount of 2  extra on their bill will be invited for late payment of taxes every month.

GHMC Property Tax Exemptions:

All buildings, structures and Non Agricultural lands are liable to be taxed. Tax Rate varies on how the property is used, whole exemption from taxation is given to some properties (or some concessions may also be received)
·        Ex-servicemen or military servicemen properties will get 100 tax exemption.
·        Religious worship places like Temples, Churches etc will get 100 tax exemption.
·        Owners who occupy their Residential buildings whose annual rent is not more than Rs.600 will get 100 tax exemption.
·        Educational Institutions which are recognized( up to  std X) will get 100 tax exemption.
·        50 concession will be received by vacant premises as “vacancy remission” after the tax inspector generates the field report.

GHMC Residential Property Tax Calculation:

The following steps should be followed to calculate the Residential Property Tax:
Step1: Plinth Area(PA) should be measured. All the covered areas including balconies and garages which is totally built up area are called as Plinth Area.
Step2: We should determine the current rent per square foot in the market for the same properties in the area if it is self-occupied property. If we have given rent then as stated in the rental agreement we should consider rent per square foot. Monthly Rental Value(MRV) per square foot is this value.